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Automotive consultancy

We are automotive market and business specialist with a keen interest in automotive technologies for commercial vehicles and passenger cars.

Independency, flexibility, speed and versatility are key at Xtra-Smart working with our clients. Through vast experience we have a thorough understanding of the European automotive market, manufacturers and supply chain.We work for Tier 1 and 2 component manufacturers who target organic growth and expand business on the European continent in the commercial vehicle market or in passenger car markets. Our expertise and local presence allows us to work with our customers to define and execute strategies to develop business at a low cost and risk.

Our 7 Core competencies

1. Vast automotive expertise and experience in EMEA

2. Advanced knowledge of vehicle OEMs in Europe

3. Global experience with Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers

4. Cultural awareness and sensitivity

5. Technical know how and understanding

6. Local presence and network

7. Understanding of future technological trends

Through our experience we are able to define together with our clients a European strategy and are also able to assist in execution of this strategy. We are well connected and using our network would be beneficial to set contact to your potential new customers. This way your valuable resources are spared until the defined strategy has proven be successful and further investments are reduced of risk.

Whether it is through direct sales approaches, dealer / distributor sales or other forms we are helping our customers in getting the best business in place.

Please contact us for your inquiry and we would be more than willing to look into your business challenge.